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You Have Been Peeling These 11 Foods The Wrong Way All Your Life

peeling mango with glass

We all have at a certain time struggled with peeling foods, haven’t we? Here’s a list of hacks about how to peel certain food items the correct and efficient way. This will save time and shall make food munching time more fun. Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

11. Peel a little bit from the bottom and the top of the shell followed by blowing to get your hard-boiled egg.

10. Place garlic in a bowl and cover the top with a cutting board, shake vigorously.

9. To pull off the stem, pinch the bottom of the banana and pull.

8. Get the most out of an avocado.

7. Cutting kiwi with glass.

6. Peeling mango with glass.

5. Genius hack for peeling orange.

4. Cut at the center of your potatoes and boil them. Once done, rinse with cold water and peel the skin off using your fingers.

3. Whack it using a wooden spoon!

2. Apple on a power drill while you use vegetable peeler for skinning the apple.

1. Make use of straw when you’re trying to remove the green top off of a strawberry.

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