24 Brilliant Life Hacks That You Need To Try Out Right Now

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Life hacks are brilliant ways to make your work easier and save money in the way. These are some of the most amazing and brilliant 24 life hacks that you need to know today to make your life better. Let us know your favourite in the comments section below:

24. No more watered down wine

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Use frozen grapes instead of  ice-cubes for wine, it will make wine chilled without watering it down.

23. Hang anything easily with this amazing life hack

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Photocopying the back on anything you want to hang will make your work easier as the back will work as a template.

22. Amplify your phone’s sound

briliant life hacks (12)

A toilet paper tube will work as a cheap and instant speakers for your phone.

21. Best tomatoes guide ever

briliant life hacks (5)

Just follow the illustration and cut down all your tomatoes at one time and all you need is a sharp knife.

20. Peel you egg shells without an effort

briliant life hacks (16)

Adding a teaspoon of baking soda to your boiling eggs and this will peel off it’s shell quickly, easily and without burning your fingers.

19. A glass can peel your mangoes

briliant life hacks (2)

This amazing hack will help you in peeling mangoes with the help of a glass.

18. Get rid of fuzzy jeans

briliant life hacks (19)

A razor helps in making your jeans fuzz free and makes it as good as new jeans.

17. Charge up you cell phone faster than ever

briliant life hacks (17)

Switch you phone into airplane mode while charging, it will charge faster and do not forget to turn the airplane mode off after its done charging.

16. Wrinkle free shirts

briliant life hacks (15)

Throw your shirt in the dryer with some ice-cubes for 5 minutes and then see the magic.

15. AAA batteries can be replaced by AA batteries

briliant life hacks (13)

AAA batteries can be replaced by the AA batteries by filling the gap with crumpled aluminium foil.

14. Place a newspaper at the end of the dust-bin

briliant life hacks (11)

Newspaper absorbs all sorts of food juices and oils.

13. Don’t hurt your poor thumb anymore

briliant life hacks (9)

A cloth pin should be used to hold nails while hammering, this will not hurt your thumb.

12. Avoid bad odor from your shoe

briliant life hacks (6)

A dry tea bag in a shoe can remove the bad odor. Brilliant hack, isn’t it?

11. Fill every single bit of your sandwich

briliant life hacks (4)

Follow the image illustrations and enjoy every single part of your sandwich.

10. Wrap up your drink with the wet towel paper, to make it chilled

briliant life hacks (2)

Serve your self with the chilled drinks in 2 minutes by wrapping them up with the wet towel paper and putting them into the freezer.

9. Eat the way you want

briliant life hacks (8)

Make your self comfortable and eat the way you want,open up all sides of the box and enjoy your food.

8. Avoid boil overs

briliant life hacks (7)

Placing a wooden across the dish, stops the boil overs. Brilliant!

7. Almost every USB port can charge your cell-phone

briliant life hacks (14)

Even the television USB ports at public places can charge your phone!

6. Amazing egg yolk separator

briliant life hacks (18)

A plastic bottle is awesome when it comes to separate egg yolks.

5. Clogged drains? We have a solution

briliant life hacks (1)

Adding a half cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar unclogs your drains. Rinse it when it stops foaming and your problem is solved.

4. Boneless chicken wings, Unbelievable isn’t it ?

briliant life hacks (3)

Make your chicken wings bone less by twisting and pulling them. Amazing life hack!

03. Pack up your shirts in an innovative way

briliant life hacks (4)

Fold your shirts in ninja style. Easy and amazing.

2. Heat you food evenly in a microwave oven

briliant life hacks (20)

The image says it all. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and enjoy every single bit of your food.

1. Fix you blurry phone cameras

briliant life hacks (1)

Putting a scotch tape over you cell phone’s camera will fix your blurry cameras. An inexpensive and awesome life hack.


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