10 Life Hacks Every Home Owner Should Know


Taking care of your house is always very difficult specially when you get to know that you will have to take care of the maintenance, But now things are not the same and you do not need to worry about it any more thanks to these Life hacks.

 10. Make your hardwood floors silent


Sprinkle  talcum powder on the floor to make your wooden floor less squeaky.

9. Fixed your linoleum floors with a tooth-paste


If your linoleum floor is ruined, then polish it with a toothpaste and see the magic.

8. Refresh your dwellings using dryer sheets


Apply dryer sheets on your fan and switch it on. Believe me you will smell the fragrance without using any sprays.

7. Want to rid off  squeaky doors, stuck windows and dirty walls? Then try WD-40


 Apply WD-40 to your dirty walls, squeaky doors and even the stuck windows to make it easily movable.

06. Plump up your flat pillows with this amazing life hack


Flat pillows won’t let you sleep in peace, put your pillows in the sun for about 30 minutes and feel the change as they will plump up.

5. The Broom and Hose together will clean up your dirty deck easily


If you are facing trouble in cleaning your deck then put broom and hose together and feel the clean deck. It is less time consuming and in the end, it gives good results.

4. Soften your door that slams by this brilliant life hack.


Tie the door knobs with a wide rubber band, this will prevent it from slamming as well as reduces the squeaky sounds.

3. Refresh your wooden furniture with the help of walnut


Apply or rub down a walnut on a damaged wooden furniture and freshen them up as it cover the dings.

2. Coarse salts helps you in cleaning your iron skillets


coarse salt grains clean the iron skillets like nothing else.

1. Abolish stripped screws with the help of grease and rubber


Rubber band and grease helps in removing the stripped screws from any where.


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