23 Amazing Life Hacks That You All Should Know

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Life hacks are amazing because they make our lives easier and interesting. Following are 23 most interesting life hacks that you all should know and must try.

23. Absorb grease from your skin

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Toilet seat covers are helpful in blotting grease from your skin.

22. Quick and inexpensive amplifier

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Your phone’s volume can be amplified by putting it in a bowl.

21. Fabric conditioner = doll hair conditioner

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Dolls, usually, have stiff and dry hair. A fabric softener can make their hair soft and fresh as new.

20. Soothe your sore throat

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If you have a sore throat, eating marshmallows can relieve it.

19. A spoon = jar opener

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A spoon is an efficient tool for jar opening no matter how tight the jar lid is.

18. Remove water stains from your wooden furniture.

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Applying Mayonnaise on wooden furniture would remove water stains from them.

  17. Make your cut flowers long lasting

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Add few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar to make your cut flowers fresh and long lasting.

16. Cutting fruits with floss

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An unscented dental floss cuts every soft food item perfectly, like no other tool can.

15. Refresh your eye mascara

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Add saline solution in your dried mascara, to make it fresh and give a pretty look to your eyes.

14. Wine corks = Succulent holders

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Wine corks can be used to hold little plants and they are likely to enhance the beauty of your corridors and terraces.

13. A banana can fix your DVDs

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Rub a freshly cut banana over the CD to fix the scratches.

12. Open the plastic packaging without an effort

interesting life hacks  (3)

A can opener is very much useful in opening thick plastic packaging, which is otherwise hard to rip with scissors.

11. A newspaper can absorb odors as well

interesting life hacks  (9)

A newspaper not only absorbs juices and oil but it can absorb bad odor too.

10. Make perfect French nail tips

interesting life hacks  (2)

Using a rubber band can give your finger nails the perfect manicure.

9. Train your pets

interesting life hacks  (12)

You can train your pets using a VapoRub. Apply VapoRub on things you don’t want chewed up or peed on by your pets. 

8. Give your car a trash can

interesting life hacks  (15)

A cereal container can be your car’s trash can, which means that you can maintain the cleanliness of your car and city as well.

7. Remove ink stains

interesting life hacks  (17)

Ink stains are hard to be removed but try a hand sanitizer; it does wonders.

6.  Are you fed up of tea bags? Try this

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Placing Tea bags over burnt skin can rid you of sun burn pain.

5. Relieve an insect bite

interesting life hacks  (21)

Scotch tape and nail polish on insect bites can relieve them.

4. Wrap your shoes in shower caps while packing

interesting life hacks  (19)

Put your shoes in shower cap so that your soles do not touch your clothes inside a bag.

3. Wrinkle free shirts for the lazy bums around

interesting life hacks  (14)

For those who don’t like ironing their clothes, just make them wrinkle free with a Fabric softener and vinegar in a spray bottle.

2. A spaghetti can light up hard to reach candles

interesting life hacks  (20)

Spaghetti not only fills your hunger but it also light up the candles which are hard to reach.

1. Suck your burn pains

interesting life hacks  (22)

If your hand is burnt, applying mustard paste on it will suck away the pain.


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