This YouTuber Has Built An Underground Bunker In His Backyard For Less Than $100,000

Zack Nelson, renowned for his YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, undertook an extraordinary venture by building an underground bunker in his backyard for less than $100,000 within a span of three months. Despite initially aiming for a budget of $80,000, the project’s total cost amounted to $98,265. The ambitious undertaking, documented in a series of seven videos, aimed to showcase how individuals could construct their own bunkers, revealing the challenges and expenses involved.

Nelson’s bunker, designed to accommodate six people within a 400 to 500 square feet space, is touted as a “mobile home underground.” The entire unit operates on battery power, emphasizing sustainability and self-sufficiency. The project unfolded through meticulous planning, beginning a year prior with collaboration with a civil engineering firm and securing necessary city permits.

Nelson, leveraging his background in residential construction, initially considered building the bunker from a shipping container but later opted for culvert storm drainage pipes due to their cost-effectiveness and longevity. The 20-foot pipes, each weighing approximately 4,000 pounds, were welded together in a complex process. The decision to bury the pipes six feet underground aimed to provide protection and leverage thermal insulation from the Earth.

Excavating the property proved to be the most perilous phase, with the risk of the hole collapsing into itself. Nelson, however, navigated this challenge successfully, bringing in a crane at a surprisingly low cost of $1,864. The subsequent steps involved setting up an entrance structure, an elevator shaft, and filling the hole with meticulous attention to ensure proper settling of dirt and gravel.

Despite Nelson’s initial dream of creating a technology-filled hideout, he emphasized that he is not a prepper. Instead, the bunker project primarily serves as a means to generate funding for his wheelchair manufacturing company. Nelson has capitalized on the venture by selling jars of dirt from the excavation and branded t-shirts, complementing the revenue generated by the millions of views on his videos.

Looking ahead, Nelson plans to outfit the interior of the pipes with an elevator, a primary bedroom, bunk beds, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Additionally, he envisions a “man cave” area with a massive flatscreen television.

While the project caters to a cultural fascination with bunkers, Nelson views it as a unique blend of creativity, sustainability, and a potential source of funding for his business.

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