This New Chair From China Is Also An Electric Tank

Delving into the fascinating world of unconventional electric vehicles on Alibaba, the Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column has unearthed a gem that stands out from the rest. In this unique discovery, the spotlight shines on an electric tank chair – a fusion of a chair and off-road tank, offering an intriguing blend of mobility and quirkiness.

The allure of this electric tank chair lies in its offbeat design, capturing the essence of the Awesomely Weird series. While lacking a main cannon, the true appeal of a tank, according to the author, is its ability to effortlessly roll over obstacles. The prospect of cruising at a modest 5 km/h (3 mph) may not be groundbreaking, but the versatility to traverse sand, snow, mud, gravel, and more adds a layer of adventure.

Weighing in at just 200 kg (440 lb), this electric tank is the lightest in its category for off-road escapades. The absence of the traditional olive drab appearance doesn’t diminish its readiness for some serious off-road fun. Impressively, the tank treads are crafted from “High molecular weight polyethylene,” showcasing a commitment to quality, even if not scientifically verified.

Examining the operational parameters, the electric tank chair boasts a maximum climbing slope of 15º, with a limitation to 10º lateral crawling on slopes. While this may seem conservative, the unique design with the driver’s head acting as the roll hoop advises against pushing the limits.

Regarding tech specifications, the electric tank chair operates on a 48V system, delivering 2 kW of power. Comparing this to conventional electric wheelchairs with 250 watts, it emerges as a powerful, offbeat alternative for those seeking unconventional mobility solutions.

Priced at US $4,900, the author hesitantly ponders the value within the tank chair market. Cautiously humorous, the author contemplates the potential reaction from their spouse upon seeing the credit card bill, humorously opting to sit this one out – and not on a tank chair.

Concluding with a playful disclaimer, the author advises against purchasing this quirky vehicle but invites those who dare to share their riding experiences with this extraordinary find.

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