Mr. Beast Just Made A Ridiculous Amount Of Money From His First Video Posted To X

Internet sensation Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as MrBeast, has expanded his content horizons beyond YouTube, taking on X (formerly Twitter) to explore the platform’s creator revenue share program. In a recent X post, MrBeast shared his experience, revealing significant earnings from his video “$1 vs $100,000,000 Car!” within a week.

In a Monday update on X, MrBeast disclosed that his video, initially posted on YouTube in September, generated over $263,000 on X after amassing an impressive 150 million views within a week. Donaldson shared his thoughts, acknowledging that the apparent success might be attributed to advertisers buying ads on his video due to its popularity. He emphasized that his revenue per view on X could be higher than the typical experience for creators.

The video features MrBeast and his team exploring various automobiles, including flying and amphibian cars, with a cameo from Jay Leno. X’s creator revenue share program, introduced last year, allows creators to earn a portion of the ad revenue generated by their posts, provided they reach a certain audience threshold.

Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter in 2022, welcomed MrBeast’s debut on X with a quote post, and Linda Yaccarino, CEO of X, shared the video in her own post. Musk envisions turning X into a versatile app with a video-centric focus, attracting popular media personalities like MrBeast, Tucker Carlson, Don Lemon, and Tulsi Gabbard to contribute original content.

Despite the reported success of MrBeast’s inaugural X video, which Musk highlighted as the “First MrBeast video posted directly on X,” the earnings, exceeding $263,000, are a modest figure for the high-earning creator. Forbes reported MrBeast’s earnings at $54 million in the previous year, making him the highest-earning creator of 2023. Furthermore, he is reportedly close to a $100 million deal with Amazon for a show.

While acknowledging that the production costs of his videos are substantial, MrBeast expressed a willingness to explore possibilities on X once its monetization capabilities mature. Even with potential boosts from advertisers, the reported success of X underscores the evolving landscape of the creator economy, with X aiming to compete with established platforms like YouTube and TikTok in the realm of online influencers.

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