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SkyCycle Is The most Terrifying Roller Coaster Ride You Can Ever Take

Roller coasters are characterized by quick turns, huge loops along with twists that make the person dizzy while also incorporating drops that make you wrench. However, some coasters are scary even without all these characteristics. Japan has SkyCycle at Okayama Prefecture’s Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park, which qualifies as one of those roller coasters. Apart from being really fast and thrilling, it is also slow and quite terrifying.

This is SkyCycle

This Cart has been designed for 2 persons and comes with two sets of pedals so that both passengers are capable of controlling the speed.

Looks fun when looked at first!

Only seatbelt keeps you safely attached to the assembly.

It your duty to make sure that you don’t run into other carts!

Making these corners must be one scary experience!

Overgrown vegetation is present as well!

It sure is high!

Try focusing on view and ignore the height!

One should try to get the firsthand experience – Requires guts!

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