20 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Microwave


For people with busy lifestyles and very few free minutes, the microwave is a lifesaver. In today’s world the microwave is an essential appliance that saves us a whole lot of time in the cooking department and does so decently. Here are 20 life hacks that you didn’t know your microwave is capable of.

1. Rehydrate stale bread

microwave_tricks (20)

2. How to check if a container is microwave safe

microwave_tricks (19)

3. More juice out of citrus

microwave_tricks (18)

4. Simple way to remove and reuse stamps

microwave_tricks (17)

5. Shortcut for soaking lentils or beans

microwave_tricks (16)

6. Fix crystallized honey

microwave_tricks (15)

7. Avoid soggy sandwiches

microwave_tricks (14)

8. Soften brown sugar

microwave_tricks (13)

9. Prepare dried herbs at home

microwave_tricks (12)

10. Peel foods easily

microwave_tricks (11)

11. Instant hot compression

microwave_tricks (10)

12. Toast nuts and spices

microwave_tricks (9)

13. Peel garlic faster

microwave_tricks (8)

14. Best way to clean your microwave

microwave_tricks (7)

15. Quickest way to clean your microwave

microwave_tricks (6)

16. Easy poached eggs

microwave_tricks (5)

17. Cook fish well

microwave_tricks (4)

18. Prevent stale chips

microwave_tricks (3)

19. Chop onions without tears

microwave_tricks (2)

20. Best way to cook thick-skinned foods

microwave_tricks (1)


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