20 Simple Hacks To Make Your Home Super Organized


You don’t have to be OCD to realize the benefits of having an organized home. It makes everything easier to find, and also makes your home neater and more organized. Here are 20 examples of ways you can get yourself and your home organized.

1. Pour your shampoos and body washes into uniform size bottles for easier storage.

organizing_hacks (20)

2. Use a binder and sticky tabs to make a menu for the week or the month.

organizing_hacks (19)

3. Make a file and flier holder out of a cereal box.

organizing_hacks (18)

4. Label magazine holders using ribbons.

organizing_hacks (17)

5. Tension rods are a great way to organize scarves.

organizing_hacks (16)

6. Organize bathtub toys and soap using a metal-tiered shower caddy.

organizing_hacks (15)

7. Pipe straps are a great way to hold utensils.

organizing_hacks (14)

8. Insert shelves upside down to create organizers with brackets.

organizing_hacks (13)

9. Make a coaster tray with designated coasters for each person so everyone cleans up after themselves.

organizing_hacks (12)

10. Velcro plastic boxes help keep your drawers organized.

organizing_hacks (11)

11. Store toothbrushes in a utensil divider.

organizing_hacks (10)

12. Place the papers on your fridge, inside a cabinet to keep them hidden.

organizing_hacks (9)

13. A zip line curtain is a great way to organize scarves, socks and tank tops.

organizing_hacks (8)

14. Fold grocery store plastic bags to store them neatly.

organizing_hacks (7)

15. Get a purse organizer to place inside your purse if you have a messy one.

organizing_hacks (6)

16. Stacking bins are a great way to organize your bathroom cabinet.

organizing_hacks (5)

17. Give each family member their own shower caddy and hang them on their doorknob.

organizing_hacks (4)

18. Use a pegboard to organize your dishes.

organizing_hacks (3)

19. Thick poster board sheets can be used to make compartments in your drawer so you can keep track of your makeup stock.

organizing_hacks (2)

20. Stackable acrylic drawers are another solution for makeup storage.

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