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25 Awkward Situations Every Engineering Student Has to Face


Life of an engineering student is full of challenges and fun. The four years of undergrad degree leaves you with a lot of memories and a degree that is looked at with respect in the society. Becoming an engineer is not easy – it’s a roller coaster ride full of high’s and low’s. It is not easy to quantify the feelings of an engineering student during this time, however, today we have tried to  summarise some of the hardships every engineering student has to bear to be finally called “An Engineer”. Let us know your memories in the comment box below

1. How you feel when you pass the semester:


2. When someone asks how your engineering degree is going


3. Realizing your jokes cannot be understood by your peers


4. Good ideas come in shower



5. Going to parties and wondering why your class no has girls


6. When your non-engineering friends ask if you have a girl


7. Wondering who makes your hostel dinner!


8. When your class fellow claims to have a girlfriend


9. Trying to date another engineering student:


10. Library or the lab becomes the “home.”


11. Feeling after looking at semester grades


12. Reading your own assignment after it’s returned


13. Wondering where your pocket money goes


14. When BBA students complain about their workload, you’re just like:


15. Trying to make non-academic small talk at social gatherings


16. When all of your non-engineering friends talk of relationships


17. Feeling while working on lab project


18. When someone asks you for the 984th time whats the scope of your engineering


19. Telling your BBA friends you are in engineering


20. Seeing your teacher outside university


21. When checking out assignment of your flatmate doing arts degree


22. Feeling of accomplishment after passing Calculus


23. Trying to say something romantic to your significant other after a long day of coursework:


24. Explaining to your friends doing BBA why you can’t go out on Friday night.


25. When ANYONE asks you what your plan is after you graduate: