10 Hacks That You Must Try In These Thanksgiving Holidays

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Thanksgiving is all about eating and cooking, hence we decided to compile a list of 10 Thanksgiving hacks that you can thank us for later. Go on, have a read and get rid of all the frustration and worries that come as part of the Thanksgiving cooking and preparation.

10. Recipes on Display10. Recipes on Display

Take a print of your recipes and have them placed on the cupboard doors to make sure that you don’t waste any time when it comes to cooking. The few seconds that you’ll spare while looking at the instruction could mean the difference between a well-cooked meal and a burnt meal.

9. Wine Glasses Cut Pastry9. Wine Glasses Cut Pastry

Want to cut that pastry into perfectly sized circles that all look the same? Use the wine glass!

8. Potato Peeling Time8. Potato Peeling Time

Who likes peeling potatoes? Yeah, that’s what we thought; no one. So just boil them and the skin will easily rub away without you having to peel it off.

7. Setting up The TableProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

If you have kids, then this works really well. However, not to worry if you don’t have kids; instead, invite the family members early and have them set the table up while you are busy cooking.

6. Cook Your Turkey Overnight6. Cook Your Turkey Overnight.

Getting up early in the morning to attend to the cooking of turkey is wrong on so many levels. Might we suggest putting it in the oven during night at low temperature to allow for longer marination and thus, a tender and juicier turkey to enjoy later on.

5. Cook Your Turkey in a Bag5. Cook Your Turkey in a Bag

In case you’ve delayed the cooking of turkey and are now pressed for time simply cook the turkey in a bag since that cuts down the cooking time by almost 1/3.

4. Steam-Cook Food in The Dishwasher4. Steam-Cook Food in The Dishwasher

Alright, no need to raise your eyebrows folks. Wrap the food in tin foil and place it in the dishwasher. (No, this is not a prank, it actually works).

3. Cutting Onions like a Boss3. Cutting Onions like a Boss

When you cut onion you are basically breaking cell walls and releasing sulfonic acid. Now, this acid is water soluble and therefore splashing some cold water will help in dissipation of the fumes and if you opt for a sharper knife, you’d be breaking less cell walls.

2. Save Oven Space2. Save Oven Space

This is how you save oven-space folks; simply use a slow cooker and voila!

1. Cranberry Sauce and Cocktail1. Cranberry Sauce and Cocktail

If you have extra cranberry sauce or if you don’t like it; take an ounce of it and mix to it one ounce of bourbon along with one ounce of amaretto. Add some ice and ginger ale to it and you’ve got yourself a cocktail – sip away!

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