Woodcarver Makes A Stunning Functional Model Of Chevy Silverado

This woodcarver has taken wood art to a whole new level with this amazing built Chevy Silverado. His built model comes with an active suspension and r/c controlled motor. It’s attention to detail could be gathered by seeing its windows, which can even roll up and down!

Woodworking Art Youtube channel is a blessing for the ones who love seeing the wood being carved and shaped into something beautiful and amazing. For carving lovers, it’s the best of both worlds combined. And when it comes to carving wood into making car models, it gets even more interesting.

The channel’s car models collection includes Buggati Chiron, Ferrari SF1000, and much more exciting models. And seeing the entire carving process is a true treat!

Each built car model is a piece of masterful artistry, representing some beautiful carving talents. The video we have for you contains the complete process of creating a Chevy Silverado. Some of the most satisfying parts to watch are when the guy carves its tires and when he makes the connections between multiple parts.

No wonder the amazing work they have produced previously, but this one even beats that. It’s mastered to wood art perfection. Why are we saying this? It has a functional suspension system; all the four doors and the hood and the trunk could be opened and closed with a push and even has foldable side mirrors.

The attention to detail certainly makes this wooden replica unique. Its mock parking sensors, running boards that pop in and out, and tow hooks make you relish the build. Watch the video to fascinate yourself with the amazing skills this guy has. 

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