Couple Converts School Bus Into A Stunning Dream House On Wheels

It took the couple a year and a half to build this fascinating school bus project, and it came out as good as one can imagine. Their built travel house looks just perfect, and anyone would wish to have it. Seeing this will make you crave to have one for yourself.

In the last couple of years, work from home or as it’s called remote work, has made traveling lifestyle possible for a lot of people. And plenty of who can afford it live a dream of traveling on a luxury house on wheels. We have seen more people doing stunning transformations to their boathouse or RV’s in the last decade.

One of the most recent and stunning transformations is Robbie and Priscilla’s, 1998 Thomas school bus converted into a dream house on wheels. Their transformed school bus has a welcoming vibe, and they have been taking it to amazing and scenic places. The couple is from Orlando, and both individuals happen to work remotely.

Traveling In Comfort & Style

Robbie and Priscilla equipped their bus house with all that was needed to make it comfortable to live while enjoying their time traveling and working, a lifestyle of which most can only dream of. The complete built project could be followed at Going Boundless on Facebook and Instagram.

The couple had plans to fully tour the United States and Canada for a few years. And for that, they needed a vehicle on which it could be even more fun and ended up converting this bus into a traveling marvel. Otherwise, they would be paying a lot for hotel rooms as comfortable as their built bus. It saves them the commute cost at large, and they can park it on any mountain or near any lake they desire.

In an interview, the couple said to Bored Panda that they love and admire tiny homes and the lifestyle that they offer. So, they thought of having one for themselves. To make the experience even special, they did it on the wheels. They even added a real house door to make it feel like home.

The couple designed and customized it specific to their needs as they wanted to keep it entirely off-grid. Some of its cool features are a wood-burning stove, a glass shower door, and a wall made of real bricks.

The ‘house on wheels’ school bus has plenty to offer. It even features real tiles, real quartz countertops, and solar panels for endless clean, renewable energy.

The key motivation behind building this project was the couple’s endless love for traveling and learning about new cultures and traditions, and not least, to visit and experience living on some of the most amazing landscapes in the world in the comfort of your own little house.

Solar-Powered Travel House Built On A Bus

The bus is equipped with a 24v system and has a living space of 210 square feet (19.5 square meters). The couple’s traveling lifestyle is powered by a 360-watt solar panel system that connects with eight 6v 315 AH Trojan batteries.

The couple installed a wood-burning stove and a propane marine heater for those cold and chilly months on the road. And had a completely functional a/c from when the bus was bought.

They have completed numerous fascinating trips using their traveling house. On one trip, they had their house on wheels on a journey for 10 months straight. They went all the way to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, certainly a dream life! The couple said they got to see 137 cities while on their journey to Cape Breton, and seeing all these places without a schedule was the most fun part.

It is amazing to see how this couple satisfy their wanderlust needs while perfectly blending the work-life with it. It is like the perfect sync of both. They added they work their businesses and investments entirely remotely, so as long as they have an internet connection, they are good to go, anytime and anywhere! Most people spend their savings on traveling and weekend getaways. And the way traveling is our lifestyle, saves us that extra money, they added.

They have planned to continue their beautifully amazing journey in an equally amazing house on wheels for another 3 to 5 years, depending on when they complete their places to visit checklist. They have an adorable cat named Beebles, and as they call it, Mr. Beebles doesn’t seem as happy with all this traveling; after all, it’s a cat!

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