Guy Makes The World’s Largest BeyBlade And Puts It To Test

You would want to wear metal pants before entering the room where this killer Beyblade spins with saw blades.

Almost every 90’s and 2000’s kid know what a Beyblade is. And if someone isn’t familiar with these marvelous playing toys that made the most epic spinning battles of all times, has missed out on a lot!

These great spinning toys were rolled out in Japan’s market in July of 1999 and caught popularity in no time, with almost over 100 million units sold out worldwide. Every kid just loved battling with friends, and the Beyblade that out spun the other after all colliding became the winner.

The toy was based on interchangeable and customizable parts, and its spinning top design created a humming sound that was a treat for your hearing sense.

As much the toy was already every pre and early teen kid’s favorite, it boosted its popularity after a co-ordinated release of a TV series and a video game. Kids chose the best of their character’s Beyblade and fought on the battlefield with glory.

The video we have for you contains the world’s most massive and dangerous Beyblade ever! And is made by the Youtube channel ‘I Did A Thing.’ The most dangerous Beyblade is made using a gigantic saw blade and pats from a 3D printer.

The final product made out of a sharp saw cuts through anything in its way while spinning at the top of its speed. Even seeing these guys roaming around bare ankled in the room in which it spins is thrilling and dangerous, both at the same time. While watching the video, one keeps hoping that no fatal accident occurs while playing and having fun recording it.

You are likely never going to copy this build; however, watching all the details and fun-filled with danger is worth a watch. And the commentary ‘I did a thing’ pulled out in this video adds to the fun part. Enjoy!

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