YouTuber Builds A Massive Nerf Bazooka With 3D Printed Parts

This Massive Nerf Bazooka seems fit enough to be mounted on a tank.

Nerf blasters are really fun and entertaining to play with, if you have ever experienced them. Some people love the game, and others are super annoyed with its existence; there is no in-between. The fun these Nerf Blasters bring along just gets intensified if you are at the shooting end of it. And unfortunately, if you happen to be at the receiving end, running away from it as fast as possible adds to the fun part.

Ivan Miranda, the famous Youtuber, has taken it upon himself to magnify the fun by transforming the Nerf Blaster into a massive nerf bazooka. And you won’t be able to look at the game the same way you used to.

The guy builds his giant Nerf Blaster from point zero, bringing it to the same purpose of firing the darts. He assembled a 160 mm diameter pipe and numerous 3D printed parts to complete his iconic Nerf Blaster project. Increasing the size of the blaster with ease was possible using the 3D printing technique.

Once done building the giant Nerf gun, he created “Monster Darts” using gym foam rollers and buffing pads. To launch the monster darts, he used thick rubber tubes to pull a plunger against the dart. The video below is a must-watch if you ever intend to build a Nerf Gun of your own!

This might be the biggest Nerf Bazooka You Have Ever Seen

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