Science Teacher Builds Cool Conveyor Belt For Delivering Halloween Treats

People visiting this science teacher on Halloween will be surprised with a trick and a treat.

Donald Clark has been a science teacher for ages and is currently teaching in Long Branch High School.

He has an analytical mind and can’t keep himself from trying new stuff, which leads to new inventions.

His latest achievement is constructing a conveyor belt that fed snacks to a chute and then treats to a bowl on the curb 8 feet away.

Donald told a guy from APP that ziplines have always inspired him. However, he thought of converting the idea of his built into something even better.

Building Steps

He used a canvas drop sheet for the belt portion and placed paint rollers for shafts. Apparently, what seems like green styrofoam is used for separating the blocks from each other to help keep snacks in their designated places.

In the mail, he wrote that he cut off the plastic handle and then tried to tap a thread on the metal roller but failed. He then thought of removing the whole handle and using a roller cage with a 12 inch threaded rod.

He told that the belt is a small canvas tarp in the shape of strips and sewn up. The tensioner is made with two wing nuts and an extra piece of wood. However, it wasn’t enough and didn’t track well. So he made a sideways slot in the lower nut for adjusting it side-to-side. 

The belt is powered with a handheld electric drill. The treats are fed to the chute once they reach the top. It took him two weeks to build the whole thing.

Donald stated it as performance arts, as his new invention will prove to be a fun activity for him, and the children will enjoy it. He seems like more of an entertaining person and has also played a clown not so long ago. The guy has stacked up to three large bags full of treats after spreading the word for his new invention.

The video below shows how the conveyor belt for Halloween treats work!

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