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This New iPhone Case Converts Your iPhone Into A Thermal Imaging Device

We’ve all been there – the agony and the tantalizing pain which follows – when you take a sip of coffee and end up burning your tongue. Ken Kawamoto, a Japanese data researcher, has come up with a thermal mapping table using a projector with an iPhone case that can perform thermal imaging.

When any item is placed on the table, the case registers even minute changes in temperature, thus ensuring when it is safe to drink the beverage. Ken made use of the Flir One thermal imaging iPhone case that costs $250. In a video that was provided, a glass of ice water turned the table blue while a glass containing hot water caused the table to glow red. The process maps light onto any surface and the light scatters the image’s pixels to transform any surface into an interactive display.

Spatial augmented reality and video mapping is the name given to this process. It is generally used for the purpose of advertising. The table is capable of detecting temperature changes as little as 0.1°C and can tell which part of objects are cooler or hotter than other.

Mr. Kawamoto said, “By projecting colours determined by the Flir One onto the surface of objects, you can see the temperature of objects visually. Ice becomes blue, a glass containing hot water becomes red, and you can even see how ice water and hot water mix.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section!