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This Is Why Apple Makes Its Own Fake Human Sweat

Source: Wilson's Media

Apple recently published a video in commemoration of Earth Day showing a very unusual and rather amusing practice at the company for testing its products. A wearable needs testing for all real life conditions, and Apple does it.

What does the company do for testing the Apple watch? “We use fake human sweat,” says Art Fong, green chemistry program manager at Apple. “We want to mimic actual use conditions, but we’re not going to go around collecting sweat from human employees.”

When the Apple Watch came out, there were some complaints that it could cause skin irritation. The company uses fake sweat to overcome this issue and ensure that the Apple Watch bands do not cause any skin reaction, either to the wearer or the environment.

Apple is not the only one, complaints about fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone have also risen, claiming the bands cause rashes.

Celebrating the Earth day, Apple has released three other videos illustrated by James Blagden.

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