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This Is An Incredible New Notebook That You Can Use Over And Over Again

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The notebook is one of those things that hasn’t changed much with the passage of time, but remains just as important in our daily lives. Esquoia is a novel notebook that employs upgrades to improve the handwriting experience and catch-up with rapid advancements happening in other fields in the world of technology.

Computers and technology have advanced super fast, getting smarter and smaller, while the handwriting experience remains one small but vital area that stopped improving since the invention of wood pulp paper a long time ago. The Esquoia notebook changes all of that.

People tend to store filled notebooks on a bookshelf for years. We put off memorizing and learning things because we know they will be stored in our notebooks, but we hardly ever take a look at those notes if ever at all. Esquoia promotes quicker learning and memorizing at the moment of your work. Simply knowing that you will have to erase ideas and notes encourages you to learn them as soon as possible, meaning this notebook can help you improve you learning skills and memory capabilities.

The pages of this notebook act as a small whiteboard that you can write and record ideas on and then simply dry erase when you no longer need it. The advantages of this notebook include:

The team that developed the revolutionary notebook has exceeded there £7,500 goal with 4 days still left in the Kickstarter campaign. You can book your notebook now by visiting this page, or simply back their brilliant idea.

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