Scribe Your Ideas On This Notebook And It Will Upload The Ideas To Cloud

rocketbook wave notebook

Writers are usually fond of writing on a paper with a pen. Even with the advanced technology and software, the pleasure of writing on a paper with a pen cannot be replicated. It has also been proven that ideas written with a pen have proven to absorb more efficiently when there is a physical connection to a blank page. We also live in a digital age, where it is imperative that most of our work gets sorted in the cloud for easy access.

This concept inspired to create the Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook. It is a revolutionary pad which lets you transfer your ideas from a page to the cloud as soon as you complete writing them down. The game changer notebook is available for $19.99. With the Rocketbook, you get the experience of a real, physical notebook with the convenience and security of your smartphone or tablet. These notebooks come with synthetic blend paper and a durable polyethene binding. You are not required to worry about the wear and tear damage.

Each notebook is reusable up to five times after it is filled up and you will have the permanent secure access to your content using your smartphone or tablet. You will also be able to cut down on wasteful paper without sacrificing your creative workflow.

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