This New iPhone Case Adds Thermal Imaging To Your Phone And Lets You See Through Walls

FLIR One 3

We all remember how thermal imaging was used back in the day in action movies. Who remembers the ‘Eraser’ scene where Arnold saves the girl from guns that had thermal imaging devices attached to them? Afterwards we saw the advent of goggles that could allow the user to use thermal imaging. However, those days are long gone for we have the FLIR One now; an iPhone 5/5s case that comes with the same perks as that of a thermal imaging goggles.FLIR One 9 FLIR One 8 FLIR One 7

The FLIR One comes with two cameras located side by side on its back. One of these cameras is an infrared one and the other is a VGA camera that imparts more detail to the image acquired by thermal imaging system. The case doesn’t require power input from your iPhone (thank God). Instead, it comes with its own battery (1400mAh) that is capable to power it up for a number of hours. The battery won’t be enough to charge your iPhone though but it sure is a plus for the case.

FLIR One 6 FLIR One 5 FLIR One 4

The case can be made use of by employing a free app that is capable of scanning items for their unique thermal properties and can capture those images as well if needed. The app also allows the user to make use of filters, panorama and time-lapse mode and even imparts video recording to the cameras.

However, the main goal is the practicality of this gadget. As per the claims; the FLIR One’s thermal imaging can allow the users to pinpoint the location of a pipe clog, identify leaks before they are able to damage anything, scour for weak spots in insulation and will even allow them to find out if any raccoons are partying in your shrubs. Looking at all these great benefits, it is not hard to reach the conclusion that this gadget is perfect for camping and for a number of other scenarios.FLIR One 2 FLIR One

The only downside, however, is the price factor since it comes with a price tag of $350. However, we believe it is worth the money.


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