This 9$ Swiss Army Hair Clip Contains Every Tool You Need In Daily Life

Swiss Army Hair Clip6

Don’t you all feel like that there’s always something missing from what you have packed for your camping trip? Well, this hair clip will remove this worry totally. The gadget comes from an Israeli designer who likes to call it the ‘Swiss Army Hair clip’.Swiss Army Hair Clip4

The gadget is the size of a conventional hair clip and comes with a myriad of handy tools that range from a handy knife to a flat-head screwdriver. The gadget comes from Yaacov Goldberg and has been designed for the store Monkey Business. It is also being called the multifunctional hair-clip that can be doubled up as a toolbox as well.Swiss Army Hair Clip3 Swiss Army Hair Clip

This awesome hairclip is already on sale and we have seen it perform quite a number of tasks that vary from fixing glass to being used as a candle holder. While the hair clip claims to be comparable to a Swiss knife when it comes to the number of tools that are at user’s disposal, it still measures in at 6×2.4×1.2 cm. Whoever has purchased the gadget so far seems to be quite happy with it.Swiss Army Hair Clip2

In words of one customer; ‘I’ve always used clips as multi-tools, but this one does so much more than a normal one and is much stronger.’

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