10 Best Thermal Imagers For Professionals

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (3)

Thermal Imaging cameras are regularly used by builders and construction workers to check for any potential leakages in gas pipes around the building. Not only construction workers but these devices can be used by automotive mechanics to find any faults in a car’s fluid systems. Our list is based on multiple criterions such as thermal resolution, display quality, device durability and cost so give it a read and let us know your favourite thermal imager in the comments section.

10. Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector(35.79$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (9)

Though not technically a camera, this hand device measures temperature changes over a precise area and can be used effectively to detect leaks. The Black & Decker product is backed by two-year warranty as well.

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9. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera with Built-in Visible Light Camera(299.95$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (4)

The camera has the range of -20°C~300°C with an image frequency of 8Hz. The device also has the option of a removable SD card for saving images & data. This thermal imager weighs 14.4 ounces.

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8. Mastercool 52300 Thermal Imaging Camera(468.18$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (1)

The camera has the frame rate of 9Hz with a range of 20°C~250°C. The camera has an adjustable step of o.1 to 1 with a 2.8 inch LCD and also like most on our list, the detector allows you insert an SD card.

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7.  Reed Instruments R2050 (482.03$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (7)

Reed R2050 has a thermal resolution of 6400 pixels in an 80 x 80 frame. The device also has a built-in laser and White LED flashlight. The sensor has a thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1°C, which compared to others is above average.

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6. Pyle PTIMGCM83(299.9$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (8)

Pyle product requires 4 AA batteries to operate while it has a range of -20°C~300°C. It also has four  Selectable Color Palette Reading Outputs: (High Contrast, Iron Red, Rainbow, Gray-Scale) and you can quickly transfer your data to a PC or Mac through an SD card.

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5. Tattoo Professional Infrared Thermal Imager Imaging Camera (433.46$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (3)

The product has a resolution of 3600 pixels with a high accuracy as it has only +/- 1% error in each reading.You can store up to 25,000 images while the applicable distance is 20cm.

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4. DEWALT DCT416S1(669.99$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (2)

Dewalt are perhaps the ruler of hardware products as they provide superior quality & service on all their items. This thermal imaging sensor is no different, as the high-end product can detect over 300-degree Celsius and has gotten laurels from people in the line of HVAC work.

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3. Seek Reveal – All In One Handheld Thermal Imager with Flashlight(373.05$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (6)

Thermal imaging camera comes equipped with a blue flashlight. The interface is highly customizable, and the range of the device is over 300 degree celsius. The startup recently brought their product to the market and had garnered a positive response.

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2. MILWAUKEE M12(1525$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (10)

Milwaukee is a well-known supplier of hardware, and this product does nothing to harm their reputation. The most expensive item on our list is also the most durable & comes with a rechargeable battery. The camera has the resolution of 160 x 120 pixels.

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1. FLIR Systems TG165(649.99$)

10 Best Thermal Imaging Cameras (5)

FLIR is the premium supplier of thermal imaging systems. Powered by their Innovative Lepton IR Imaging Engine, the camera can detect temperatures as high as 400-degree celsius. It has a thermal sensitivity of 0.15 C with a screen resolution of 4800 pixels. Taking into account that you can measure accurately from as far as 35-40 feet, we believe this is the best thermal imaging detector that you can buy on the internet

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