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New Samsung TV ‘The Frame’ Doubles As A Wooden Picture Frame

Samsung TV Frame (3)

Source: Fuse Project

You might have imagined that the only further innovation in television sets will be their color and design. We believe the TVs will continue to get thinner, maybe as thin as a sticker and they did. LG released a television set this year as thin as a credit card, but Panasonic thought of something different; a TV set that turns invisible when turned off. Samsung, however, got more artsy with their televisions with a TV set that doubles as a photo frame when switched off. Talk about aesthetics.

Source: Design Boom

What Samsung calls ‘The Frame’ was displayed as a concept at the CES this year. The TV is designed to enhance your living room decor by blending in as an artwork. The company just announced that the TV would be released this spring.

Source: Dezeen

Designed by Swiss designer Yves Béhar, the concept spiked a lot of interest at the CES. Samsung has announced that the product will be released soon, but the company is reluctant in giving out any more details. Neither the price or the specs of the TV have been announced. There are no details about the display, whether or not it will be 4K, or if it will use Samsung’s QLED technology or what smart TV features the set will have.

Source: Browse Technology

The frame will use Samsungs’s new “Invisible Connection cable,” to keep the HDMI ports away to make the set blend into the wall like any other decoration piece.

You can switch the new TV to “Art Mode” while you are not watching it. The design is meant to be wall mounted, but you can also use Samsung’s Studio Stand which keeps it high enough for a picture frame. The best part is that you can even change the wooden frame to match your interior.

Source: Fast Co Design

We are looking forward to learning what the TV might feature apart from its creative design.

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