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Giga Is A Portable Wind Mill That Can Charge Your Devices On A Camping Trip

There are people who would say that electronic devices should not be a part of your luggage when you are preparing for camping trips, the fact remains that certain items such as GPS units, LED lanterns, two-way radios, and even cameras have batteries that require charging. The Giga has been designed to take care of that need by making use of wind power.

Giga has been created by Robert Kettlety, a British inventor. It is basically a mini wind turbine that has been housed within a UV-resistant body made from thermoplastic. It measures 12.7 inches across and weighs in at 1 kg. It can be used quite easily; wedge it between rocks or prop it up in a tree. You can also make use of 4mm marine-grade rope along with three fixing pegs to set Giga up on the ground.

Once Giga is all set up, the blades will begin to spin with the oncoming wind throughout the night and the day. It doesn’t require solar power or a stream of water to work. Are you worried about the rainfall that might happen while Giga is stocking energy? Don’t worry; Giga is waterproof.

It is reported to offer a power output of five watts. However, it is safe to assume that the amount of power that it will produce is heavily dependent on how strong of wind is blowing. The power is delivered to the devices thanks to a USB charging cable. This is not the first wind turbine that has been created. There have been others including the folding Trinity and the Micro Wind Turbine that could be collapsed.

Giga is currently raising funds as a Kickstarter campaign. By pledging about $129, you can get one unit of it when and if it makes its way to production. The retail price is slated to be $195.

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