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New Bike Helmet Inflates When It Detects A Fall And Will Save More Lives


Owing to the advancement being made in science and technology and the level of research being carried out, we are witnessing many previous ideas and items being phased out as more effective practices and efficient gadgets are making their way into the consumer market. This article also covers one such daily use item; helmet that bikers or cyclists use.
Hövding 3Hövding is a Swedish company and it has claimed that the recent airbag helmet that they have introduced is more than just a fashion accessory and is far safer when compared to the conventional bike helmet.

A number of studies were carried out to come up with this unusual helmet that surpasses the regular helmet in safety. According to Hövding, the conventional helmets only comply with European regulations whereas the helmet by Hövding is three times safer when compared with the conventional helmet.

The company goes on to state that by using their product, the chance of a fatal head injury drops to almost zero. Hövding is surely confident about its helmet because it has even stated that if new standards were set using Hövding’s helmet, all the current helmets would be discarded immediately.

 The gadget is composed of nylon fabric and designed just like a hood. Owing to the fact that it is made of nylon fabric, it does not rip even when it comes in contact with the ground. The helmet in question is able to cover larger area of the user’s head when compared with a regular helmet and hence, provides more protection to the user. The ‘air’ so as to speak, which inflates it is basically helium and once inflated, the pressure remains constant for a couple of seconds that allows it to withstand a number of impacts.

The hurdle in opting for this helmet is the price tag which it comes with; $500 and the second downside is the fact that it can only be used once. However, this price seems quite appropriate when you bring into the consideration the safety, which this helmet imparts to the user.
Check out the video below for more details:

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