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How To Delete Or Uninstall Kodi Builds And Addons

The internet provides tons of addons and builds some with great content. At the same time, others are just a sham and tamper with your Kodi software. Settling for  best Kodi build requires research and reviewing the features of the app to install. Addons and builds are designed as the support system for Kodi software. They are equipped with free Movies, TV shows, Live TV, music, subtitles, and Kids’ shows.  The Kodi build provides more profound details. As they give a new skin or appearance to Kodi, builds also have extensive library contents. This reduces the need to install many addons on your Kodi. Addons are significant features of Kodi. They provide media to stream on the Kodi software. 

However, each addon has its unique content; there are addons for Movies, sports, TV shows, and more. This means you need several addons to get different channels. Install Kodi builds on addons will help in getting a variety of content in one Kodi to build. The user who loves movies can access the best Kodi movie addons on the internet and install them on their Kodi device. The installation process requires a few clicks, and the process is complete. 

Sometimes dire circumstances might force you to delete addons or builds on your Kodi.  The apps might have a negative impact on Kodi. It may cause buffering, freezing, or crashing of the Kodi software. The effects might advance to your Firestick or other devices.  The majority of Kodi addons and builds are unlicensed and may have malware. Which is harmful to your device; this requires fast action. The user can delete or reinstall the addon.  This article teaches how to delete/uninstall Kodi build and addons to keep your device and data safe. 

How to uninstall Kodi Addons

An alternative way to uninstall Kodi addons

How to remove Addon data 

Addons and builds like apps also store cache and data files. Some of the files don’t get deleted once you uninstall the addon or Kodi build.   This might accumulate and use space to slow your device. 

After the data is deleted, the user should restart Kodi and see the software’s new performance. In many cases, the cache and data also slow the system, causing buffering when streaming. Deleting and uninstalling unnecessary addons or build increase the performance of the app. 

How to uninstall Kodi Builds 

To delete Kodi builds, user can choose two simple methods:

  1. Using an addon app (Fresh start)
  2. They can change the skin of Kodi. 

Deleting Kodi builds by changing the skin. 

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