Youtuber Builds Homemade 4K Projector For A Fraction Of The Price

In terms of quality, the guy achieves amazingly shocking results in a fraction of a price compared to the on-shelf projectors priced around $2000 each.

In the current times where Covid-19 has almost made us forget about the movie theaters and cinema experiences, this might add on to take us on a ride for a while at the comfort of our own living rooms. The total cost he had to bear for this build was nominal, which anyone having a love for movies and cinema won’t mind spending.

If you are the one long looking for the experience we all had in cinemas, the DIY build is a dream come true for you as we don’t know yet when life will get back to normal and social places like theaters re-open again.

The Youtube channel DIY Perks shows easy steps to make one for yourself. Moreover, their built homemade projector design is not a crappy one where some Youtuber would show you some taps on the screen to make one. It is built easily, but the result is pretty rich in colors with a 4K projection.

The DIY Perks in the description states that it still packs a serious punch, although it is homemade. The projector results are pretty awesome, with vibrant colors and sharp contrast. The guy even compared his built homemade projector with one available in the market that costs a whopping $2000.

The DIY Perks periodically comes with some new amazing homemade builds that are worth the spent money. Moreover, his builds are described step by step, which makes following them is pretty convenient too. Watch this entertaining new projector build in the video below.

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