Watch This Crazy Scientist Transform A Toilet Seat Into A Subwoofer


You might already feel like trying this project on your own.

There is no questioning that we are fans of the crazy machines at Garage 54 Youtube channel. When they tried to produce power from tons of lemons, we had highlighted them when they installed nine mufflers to create the quietest car exhaust system, when they engineered a self-propelled car engine, and a lot more.

The channel is back with yet another mad experiment, which might be the wildest of all. They are attempting to construct a vehicle subwoofer out of a fresh and clean toilet. The host at Garage 54 termed it as one heck of a crazy idea.

He states all the things required for this crazy transformation. Some major things needed were an amplifier of decent capacity and a good set of speakers. What’s all required makes it a rather simple build, but the results are definitely somewhat surprising.

The Garage 54 host considers it to be pretty good. He said this while sitting on the toilet seat that soon was transformed into a woofer. The work required was pretty extensive; however, it was summed up in a 10 minutes long video.

To find out what the final product looked like, you have to watch the video below.


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