Youtuber Builds Wind And Solar-Powered Clothes Dryer

It is not the most energy-efficient way, but complex engineering is somewhat worth a watch.

The Youtuber Colin Furze always finds ways to build innovative and economical DIY stuff. In one of his quietest and calmest videos, the guy builds a clothes dryer powered by renewable energy. It is the least technological approach to green energy solutions.

The video was shot in November 2020 and is part of the “Pitch The Future” virtual event by the Shell-Eco marathon team. The event held for the university students and smart people brings out the latest technological advances in making houses, ways of deliveries, and more efficient batteries. In this competition, the guy works as a host and has participated in it with his latest build, “Green Clothes Dryer.”

The video’s description states that there is more to think than you can imagine, as even the shape of the washing machine door was essential to make it work the way its inventor wanted it to.

The washing machine build seemed pretty simple from the beginning. However, the guy believes that he might have over-engineered it later on. Given the track record, the guy says the same thing after completing almost all of his inventions.

If you happen to like the guy’s work, which most probably you will, you can find more of his amazing creations at his Youtube channel “Furze’s.” Enjoy!

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