Guy Creates A Piano Out Of Popsicles Sticks


Who would have thought of popsicle sticks as a musical instrument?

The Internet is where you can find tons of bizarre inventions, as it contains thousands of weird projects from all across the globe.

You would never have thought of a used popsicle stick to have musical potential. But that is because you didn’t give it much deep thought on these lines. However, this Youtuber went an extra mile and found these little ice-cream sticks’ hidden harmonious capabilities.

The following video has the Youtube channel Mash creating a thumb piano using popsicle sticks. The newly created popsicle stick thumb piano sounds somewhat like a real deal. And to experience it, you have to watch the video as to how amazing it actually is. My favorite was “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This,” which played pretty well on the popsicle stick piano.

The tutorial is well explained and has all the necessary steps to make one for yourself. The guy places screws and a wooden structure to build this DIY popsicle stick piano.

The project is fun learning if you want to do it with your kids. However, it is a bit time consuming as it also requires some smart work. Enjoy the fun build. You can always build one for yourself to play it in those silent evenings!


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