Watch And Learn How To Build A Drill-Powered Spray Paint Mixer Yourself

If you are mesmerized with out of the box ideas about common problems every day, this drill-powered spray paint mixer built to save people from weary arms is something you’re going to love.

In this video by YouTube channel SixtyFiveFord, the individual posts the “easiest and cheapest” spray paint ‘Can mixer’ since the average spray paint needs to be shaken for approximately a minute or two.

If you have an idle spray paint can sitting around for some time, you’d have to shake the can for more than five minutes only so it starts spraying. This turns it into an ardent job.

Courtesy to this youtube video, you can solve this problem without buying any expensive gadgetry. The innovator devises a drill-powered mixer crafted out of a 3″ plastic plumbing pipe and a 3″ pipe test plug. The process is not only simple but could help those who have arthritis significantly. Curious to see how? Here you go!

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