Watch This Youtuber Equip Bicycle With Saws And Ride It Over A Frozen Lake

This cycle for riding on ice surely is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Most great things start with a sketch and an engineer who’s got loads of spare time. The YouTube channel The Q showcases a bike in this video that he built — however, it comes with an unconventional design.  It has circular saws in wheels and is built to be ridden on ice, making it an all icy cycle.

Many concerns come out with such a build. What would happen if the guy fells backward onto the back wheel? How many times would you cross it over a block of ice for it to split it into two? What would happen if you hit your shoe with the front tire, which often happens normally when riding a bicycle. So collectively, there are many if’s and what’s associated with this rather dangerous one-of-a-kind bicycle.

The icy cycle looks straight coming out of a zombie apocalypse movie and makes you think what would happen if he ran over a person unintentionally. Once it all is put together, the Youtuber takes it out for a ride over a frozen lake which provides some cool scenery on the go.

The video shows the complete build process, which is a fun watch. You might applaud the work that went into making it possible while worrying more if it becomes the cause of an accident.

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