WATCH: YouTuber Lifts 50-Pound Sword Using Exoskeleton

If you have ever encountered the famous video game ‘Final Fantasy Vll,” then you must have watched the giant sword Cloud uses. Cloud seems to have no issues in yielding it, even if it is massive and heavy in size.

That is why Allen Pan ran the Youtube channel ‘Sufficiently Advanced,’ thought he could do the same. To compete with the same actions, Allen had his friend build a similar 50-pound sword, just as in Cloud.

The Sword they created together had an issue. They placed its handle so that the sword’s torque made it feel as heavy as 150 pounds, making it very hard to lift it over the surface.

This initial error didn’t stop Pan. He then used an exoskeleton to achieve the strength to make it easy to lift the heavy sword. Along with this addition, Pan connected a bungee jumping rod to the sword to lift it off the surface.

Pan gets able to lift the sword in his own way, maybe not as classy as cloud swerves it, but he did the job. The Youtuber spent a sum of $900 just for the exoskeleton grip. Other costs are aside. Watch one of the heaviest swords ever built in the video below.

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