Youtuber Build Batman’s Grappling Gun That Works Amazingly Well

Is it possible to watch a batman flick and not get awestruck by his grappling gun??

This gun shoots a claw type projectile and provides the superhero with the much-needed direct routes onto his targets. The wire attached with the claw pulls him towards his objective.

Recreating it in real life? Well, that is a whole different story. But overcoming all odds, YouTuber Built IRL decided to give it a shot.

After putting in sweat and toil for one long year, he has succeeded at creating a grappling hook gun that functions reasonably well.

It was a difficult task, and it became even trickier when he wanted to make it work the same way Batman does. Meaning thereby, that he had to build a grappling claw with enough strength to lift a fully grown person off the ground.

Over the course of five videos, the YouTuber demonstrated how he managed to create a grappling hook. He had to surpass unique challenges that needed to be tackled with genius engineering techniques.

As you’ll watch for yourself, the results are not as effective. However, it could be said that he got the job done.

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