This New AI-Based Machine Throws Compliments At Passing Dogs

Artificial Intelligence keeps on surprising users, and many regards it as a threat to humanity, but now, the AI systems have started to show their cute and wholesome utilities.

Most people started to bake new things and tried new recipes during the hard lockdowns, and some were killing their time developing AI-based systems. One latest and rather adorable utilization of AI-powered computers is the AI system that screams compliments to dogs.

The new AI-based computer is developed by the Youtuber Ryder Damen of the Youtube channel “Ryder Calm Down,” he used machine learning to create the Raspberry Pi Computer that expresses compliments to dogs and their owners.

The Youtuber connected the AI-based device to a camera that live captures the street. The camera footage then moves to the device programmed to recognize objects such as people, aircraft, various objects on the streets, and most amazingly, dogs.

The Raspberry Pi-based computer is programmed to shout; I like your dog when it sees a dog passing by and does this using a connected megaphone.

The fun project by “Ryder Calm Down” is one of the most wholesome examples of AI-based creation we have seen so far. It is cool to watch the advancements in the field and its potential for catering to new ideas such as this one.

This one is a fun use of AI to interact with humans and compliment their dogs. Check out the new system in action in the video below.

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