This Amazing DIY Electric Bike Can Go Up To 40 MPH With Ease

From creating the battery for the electric bike to equipping the frame with all the necessary components, the video takes you on a complete tour of this interesting electric bike build.

Electric bikes are one of the most significant creations of the century and have enabled people to enjoy all the bicycle perks without tiring themselves out. These electric bikes are friendly and a green alternative for going around places without polluting the environment, which adds to many of its advantages. However, noteworthy is that these electric bikes come at a bit higher price than the regular ones.

Youtuber Donny Terek’s video contains the all-stage development of an electric bike that goes up to 40 mph with ease. It’s not just an ordinary DIY project. Rather it is a depiction of true expertise where an electric bike gets built from scratch. The way the team has executed the build is quite unbelievable to see, making it a reason not to miss watching its whole built process.

To build it, the team upgraded their DIY spot welder and even built a battery so to connect the electric bike’s parts. The Youtuber said that he has been looking forward to this project for quite some time now. Finally, when he got a chance to do it, he did the best.

The guy building the bike shows all the components and how to fit them together to create this amazing electric bike. He goes on a test ride, which seemed pretty smooth. If you love cycling and sporty activities, you might be tempted to have one for yourself, enjoy!

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