This Human-Powered Grill Makes You Work For Your Grilled Chicken


Eat yummy meaty food and burn some calories, sounds like a perfect idea for people to meet their fitness goals.

The new special grill is an idea that could change most people’s dreams to reality, eat as much as you desire without gaining weight. The new grill fires up after burning up some calories before you consume them.

The Japanese Youtuber Bomb-tamio is famous for his creative designed inventions. Most of his ideas are like something which was always there but nobody found out, which never failed to amuse his viewers.

His latest creation comes with the added benefit that it makes you burn some of those fatty calories before you go on to consume more. It simply doesn’t leave for any other option and has to be fired up by running in place with one foot over a yellow pad. The fast movement in return keeps the grill fired up, and the chef would have to keep up with the repetitive action until the meat is cooked fine.

Though it sounds like a hassle, and that is what exercise sounds like sometimes too. It is an idea of forced motivation to work out, with a probability that if you are lazy enough you could always have something nice delivered to eat.

The forced workout the special grill machine requires might not actually make you lose weight, but it sure will help you sustain where you are on the weighing machine while eating on thick meaty steaks, full of juice and calories.

The device would make you look a little selfish if you are someone living in apartments because you would be eating food and sustaining your weight at the cost of your neighbor’s peace. The special grill machine makes a lot of noise, and your neighbors are in for some trouble if you plan to host steak parties at your home.

Check out Bomb_tamio’s built special grill machine in the video below.


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