WATCH: YouTuber Attempts To Drink Water Using World’s Longest Straw


Ever wondered how high water could be sucked using a straw? And how much force would it require to make the water reach the top end of the straw?

Find out the answers revealed in this experiment where this guy uses the world’s longest straw in an attempt to drink water from it.

James of the Action Lab is renowned for his crazy experiments, and he comes yet again with another intriguing one where he attempts to drink water from a 34 feet long straw. The guy must have had some air compressor installed inside to think if he could suck the water all the way up to that distance, or otherwise, it seems like an impossible idea, given the water would be pulled down because of gravity.

Looking to seek out answers, he took the idea to others to checkout as to what is the lowest pressure that could be achieved just using one’s mouth, and the winner got to an impressive figure of 2 psi, which is actually pretty impressive keeping in mind that it was done just using the mouth.

After failing in an attempt to pull the water all that way up from his mouth, the guy made use of an air compressor. This technique also failed as the water boiled in the mid-way, and almost left James wondering how to actually make the water travel all the way up to the end of the 34-foot straw.  

Some time ago, a guy tried on a similar experiment and got the water up to nearly 23 feet without the use of an air compressor, which is why James thought it might be a good idea in doing so, however, he found out the reason why an air compressor wasn’t used in the earlier alike experiment.

Curious much? Find out the answers in the video below, as to how James managed to get the water up to the top of the straw.


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