Engineer Falls Off Bike, Makes His Own Self-Balancing Bike

Remember that story we heard of a Young Issac Newton, who was sitting under an Apple tree only for an apple to drop on his head. Which then lead to his eureka moment and his law of gravity. Well, this is something like that but instead, a bright young engineer fell off his bicycle and suffered a few minor injuries but this only prompted him to start making a bike that would never fall again.

This genius Chinese engineer dedicated his spare time to design and build his very own self-riding bike that could not only balance itself on two wheels but also detect and avoid obstacles. This kind of bike is something you could expect Tesla to come up with. Zhi Hui Jun based his ideas on the self-driving bicycles built by scientists at the Beijing Tsinghua University back in 2019. He was always fascinated by the concept and it only took a fall on the face to motivate him to build his own.

It took Zhi Hui Jun only four months, where he mostly worked on the bike during weekends or his free time. He managed to build something incredible for a young engineer. The bike he built featured an advanced system of accelerometers and gyroscopes that were capable of monitoring subtle movements and correcting them so that the bike never fell tilted too much to one side.

This meant that the bicycle could stand on two wheels and not even tilt to either side. The system is powered by just a lithium battery and can’t even be budged by a heavy load like a brick hanging on one side of the handle. The system is able to completely compensate for the weight difference and keep the bike level. Zhi Hui Jun should really apply for a patent for his system.

That isn’t even the most impressive part. The bicycle also features an RGB depth-sensing camera and a LIDAR sensor that allows the bicycle to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. Zhi Hui Jun posted a whole video showcasing his design and the final product which you can view below.

He also has many other interesting projects on his YouTube Channel. It just shows how much talent he has and his passion for creating interesting things. He graduated from the China University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2018 and is also part of Huawei’s Young Genius program. He has also worked in Oppo’s artificial intelligence program.

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