What Is Kodi, And What Are The Best Kodi Add-ons?

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Kodi is a unique media player that accommodates both local and streaming media. It can also be described as a useful tool for organizing local media files in a single interface.  Kodi works with videos, music, photos, and add-ons interface. The media player runs on Amazon Fire TV, Android TV boxes, iPhone, and more. However, installing Kodi won’t work instantly. You require Kodi addons to get the full benefits of the media player.

Kodi is a media player which useful when integrated with add-ons. The Kodi addons are designed to connect Kodi media player with media sources on the internet.  Addons provide Kodi the full potential to perform. The internet has millions of addons, some good while others are horrible.  Nonetheless, the user desires to get the best Kodi addons. For quality content, they want to watch or listen.

Overview on Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player that was established by the XBMC foundation. The media player allows the user to stream both audio and video content.  It’s not limited and receives content from different sources and available to the public. Users can stream media from the first and third-party add-ons. It also accommodates playback media from the device’s local storage. 

Features of Kodi

It’s challenging for users to get a media player that can use different types of media. This provides a limitation to the content they can access. However, Kodi has the option to playback many types of media. Kodi also comes with the following features:

  • Music playback 
  • Video playback 
  • TV streaming 
  • PVR  ability 
  • Customization where you can change the appearance of the software. 
  • Photo viewer. 
  • Add-ons. 

It’s the user’s responsibility to provide Kodi with content to play. Once you download the Kodi media player, it comes empty without any plugins or media. 

Kodi devices 

Kodi can run on different devices. Some are easy to pair with the Kodi player.  The popular devices are Android TV boxes/sticks like the Amazon Fire TV stick. While using the Amazon Fire TV stick, users should consider using a VPN tool.  The Android TV boxes can playback media through the regular TV using the HDMI link.  The TV HDMI connection helps operate regular TV as a smart TV, allowing uses to connect to different content on the internet. 

  • Amazon Fire TV stick 
  • Android devices
  • The window PC 
  • Mac operating system
  • iOS 
  • Android smart TV and android TV boxes. 

What are the best Kodi addons today?

The internet has millions of Kodi addons. There are also third-party Kodi addons out there. However, landing and getting the best is challenging.  Some of the addons and repositories are not functioning since authorities have blocked them, here as several best Kodi addons for your devices. 

  1. Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is the latest (2018) Kodi addon in the industry. The addon has similar features as the Kodi addon Exodus. Thou Exodus has been out for long, making Exodus Redux the new and favorable addon. Redux is relatively fast and has no buffering issues.  It has quality streams a full HD playback option for the user. 

However, Kodi users should note that every activity with the Kodi addon. Is highly monitored by the ISP and government.  User should implement a VPN which will hide the geographical details and surveillance from the government. 

  1.  The magic dragon 

Magic dragon is also among the best addons with its set of library TV episodes. It’s equipped with entertaining deals. Magic dragon is easy and fast to use—it best for its ability to provide the latest movies and shows. The Magic dragon packaging is exclusive and offers better functions. You will receive various features from movies, live shows, sports videos, kids’ entertainment, and more. 

  1. Venom 

The first user should know that Venom must use real debris to function.  The user must sign through the Real Debird account. The addon has incredible movies and TV shows. It has no many details besides the movies.  The venom addon uses lambda scrapers and has a very excellent team of developers.  It’s fast, easy, and has an extensive library.

  1. Tempest

The Tempest addon works excellent on Kodi 18. It has a variety of movies and TV shows. Users will get the latest movies and already aired content.  The addon resembles the fork of the covenant, which is no longer supported. However, tempest does great with impressive speed.  The Tempest addon does better on Real Debrid.  It supports Trakt integration; here, you will find all your favorites in a single addon. 

  1. GAIA

The Gaia addon is simple, fast, and easy to utilize. It’s best for movies, TV shows, documentaries, and kids’ entertainment. The addon provides requested videos by surfing through all servers to get the right content.  The latest version has better features, more improved, and quality services. It best works when used with Real Debrid. 

In conclusion, Kodi is an exclusive media player, which is hard to do without. Kodi is legal and safe, however, since it uses third-party addons. It might get you through legal problems. Some addons provide the user with illegal access to stream copyrighted materials. If all goes wrong, the user might be on the wrong side of the law. It’s advisable to use a recognized and safe VPN while working with addons.

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