Mobile Lip Factory Creates Custom lipsticks That Best Suites Complexion And Facial Features

Ever heard of a lipstick served on the spot, and the shade is just about what you desire? It is one of the personal kinds of stuff in females’ list of things to be carried all day along in their handbags.

As we know, a girl doesn’t just select the shade that is nearest to hands; it is rather one hard selection to make. Using this concept, the lip factory creates customer-specific lipstick in no time.

The novel system created by a Korean company Amorepacific consists of the Lip Factory machine and a color tailor application. It uses AI-based algorithms, and a cloud-connected application analyzes a picture of the customers’ faces.

The resulting shade it comes with is marvelous as it makes a lipstick that perfectly matches the facial features and the complexion, and what possibly could look best on it.

Once the analyzing stage gets done, the lipstick creating machine takes over the information processed from the application. It has a range of over 2,000 different shades, which then perfectly delivers the desired color lipstick to the client.

The new lipstick creating machine is not designed to be installed at home, as it is heavy duty and comes with greater capacity. This machine is designed to be placed at salons and parlors and on the commercial make-up shops. The first unit was installed at Amorepacific’s flagship store in the city of Seoul.

The latest updates on the novel machine are that it requires its algorithm to be refined. Once done, it will see a much wider roll-out of the machine all across the globe. The amazing lip factory has proved its worth and has also won an award i-e, CES 2021 Innovation Award.

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