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Dual Face Concept Proves That Smartwatches Don’t Have To Be Ugly

creoir_ibis (2)

This year’s Mobile World Congress at Barcelona has certainly revealed some of the best gadgets and surprises the mobile industry has ever seen. One of these surprises came in the form of a smartwatch by Creoir, a company that has worked with Nokia in the past.

Smartwatches are the latest in easy-to-use technology, but not many of them have the elegance that would appeal to users, until now. The Creoir Ibis is a concept that was designed as a watch first, due to which it looks like a timepiece that should belong in a jewelry store instead of a mobile convention. The second part of the watch was designed to support the watch and not overwhelm it. The dual face watch has a traditional clock face and a small display, which sits beneath the clock to inform users of notifications, calender entries and let them answer or reject calls.

Even though the watch is a concept, users were given a chance to test the user interface on a different demonstration device. The user interface is based on a simplified version of the Android OS and is designed to compliment the watch’s design language. A working version of the Ibis will hopefully have WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB connectivity and an accelerometer. Although it may seem unlikely that this concept will ever become reality, Creoir has built unique smartwatches for other companies and though it may be some time, these watches have a good chance on finding their way on to the wrists of tech users around the world. More images of the Creoir Ibis are shown below.

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