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This Simple Invention Makes Sure You Are Drilling At The Right Place


Struggling with the demands of accurate drilling and no end in sight? You can now use lasers to bullseye the place for you instead! Lasers are being used everywhere for targeting, placement accuracy and apparently someone wondered why not use them while drilling the exact hole required. Lasers are sometimes used to drill holes themselves, but why go in such a huge operational requirement when you can drill an accurate hole with the help of a routine drill and a simple laser bulls eye?

The concept was developed by Bullseyebore and the name pretty much explains everything on its own. The product uses laser components to generate a set of three concentric circles around the drill bit. When the drill is moved, the circles move too and thus, a clear bullseye is present to aim at the target. The inner two circles remain stationary but as soon as the drill is moved, the outer circle readjusts to show the change in angle, and you can take appropriate action if necessary. It is battery powered, and you can see the kind of difference it presents over a no-bullseye one. The feedback of the outer circle gives us a dynamic view of the hole area and prevents us from tilting our drill.

Another visual advantage of the outer rim is that it can be used to find out about the depth of the drilled hole. It will start decreasing when the drill bit makes its way down, so we can prep ourselves to stop the drilling part when the perfect depth is achieved. The Bullseye can be used with any drill and can be placed on the walls, roof or anything that needs a good drilling. Sadly, the bad news is that the product is still under development, and there are no indications that the inventors will go retail anytime soon. But it sure is one helluva addition for drilling novices and even intermediates.

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