Here Are 21 Amazing Projects That Require Only String And Make Your Home Beautiful

No you don’t need to purchase a lot of overpriced stuff to complete amazing projects at home. Sometimes only the simplest of the things would do. How simple of a thing are we talking about? Well, let’s take strings or yarn for example and look at the following 21 amazing things that you can do with it.

21. String Tree Mural is perfect for showcasing your favourite photos.

20. A functional and delicate yarn lampshade.

19. String art using air plants!

18. Faux flowers and string!

17. Looks simple enough!

16. This ombre yarn letter is a perfect match for a little girl’s room.

15. Paint using string-art.

14. You can say what you mean by using strings as well.

13. Home is where the heart is.

12. Wrapping washers with different colors of string will allow you to make some really beautiful necklaces.

11. Adorable looking baker’s twin ornaments.

10. Can anyone believe that these ornaments are made from string and cardboard?

9. Yarn ornaments – and they won’t break!

8. Time to be psychedelic with your string.

7. Wrap a canvas using yarn and just spray-paint it.

6. Impart some texture by adding yarn to the roller.

5. You can always wrap some rope/yarn around vases and glue it.

4. Awesome looking tiny trees and at the perfect time of the year.

3. Get in the groove with this yarn banner wall hanging.

2. Using some strands of rope you can braid a chic necklace.

1. Here’s how you ensure that your headphones are never tangled again. this trick.