Use String to Make These 20 Incredible DIY Projects

20 string DIYs24

It is a common misconception that DIY projects take a lot of money and overpriced materials to make at home. Many times, there is stuff that you can’t purchase off retail easily, so you have to keep digging around to find it. So, here we present you with 21 incredibly cheap and easy-to-make DIY projects that make use of strings in ways unimaginable. So, if you like to pull some strings, here are these DIYs for you:

1. Make your headphones never tangle again with this cool DIY

20 string DIYs24

2. Make a chic necklace with strands of rope.

20 string DIYs23

3. Make a yarn banner for the wall. Beautiful aren’t they?

20 string DIYs22

4. These tiny Christmas trees from threads and yarns can make your home look special in these festive times.

20 string DIYs21

5. Wrapping ropes around vases and attaching them with vases will make them look better than before.

20 string DIYs20

6. Add some flair to your walls with funky paint through this yarn technique.

20 string DIYs19

7. Or just wrap your yarn around the canvas and spray paint it!

20 string DIYs18

8. Be psychedelic with your string. Just look at this beauty!

20 string DIYs17

9. These yarn ornaments will never break.

20 string DIYs16

10. Now this is getting serious. Nobody can ever believe these ornaments are made from string and cardboard.

20 string DIYs15

11. These twine pieces from the bakers are also cool to look at.

20 string DIYs14

12. Wrap washers with thicker strings to make beautiful necklaces.

20 string DIYs13

13. Pay homage to your home with this string decoration piece.

20 string DIYs11

14. You can use string for greeting messages instead of spray painting or everlasting markers.

20 string DIYs10

15. You can also make signboards with the help of strings.

20 string DIYs8

16. This yarn letter made from Ombre will be nice for your daughter’s room.

20 string DIYs7

17. The string bowl is also something your kids will fall in love with!


18. Mix mediums made from strings and filled with flowers.

20 string DIYs5

19. Strings can be used to feature air plants.

20 string DIYs4

20. You can showcase your favorite art on this artistic tree made from strings!

20 string DIYs

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