Dad Builds An Amazing Astronomical Telescope In His Backyard

Redditor user, neufy14, has an awesome dad whose hobby has led him to some amazing discoveries in the skies. His dad built, just for fun, a powerful and big telescope that allows him to gaze into the depths of the sky and capture images. You will be amazed at the images that this telescope has captured just from the backyard.

This all started because of the hobby of star gazing.

Add a bit of ingenuity

And, well, a bit of obsession

The hobby evolved into something amazing

The Swan – As seen by the amateur astronomer

Galaxy NGC 2403

The Pleiades cluster in Taurus – Normal telescope can’t see these.

Great Nebula in Orion.

Galaxy M-81 and M-82 in Ursa Major.

Great globular cluster in Hercules.

Globular cluster M-3 in Canes Venatici.

Dumbbell nebula in Vulpecula.

Cone nebula in Monoceros.

The Horse head nebula in Orion.