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Here Is How You Can Get The Apple Logo On Your iPhone 7 To Glow


Who said buying an iPhone will empty your pockets? To some people, the original iPhone is just not expensive enough, so they get insane add ups like GPutin Gold covers, $1,900 Colorware Retro iPhone that costs almost double of the original iPhone 7 price at $969. That does not mean every upgrade on your iPhone has to be this expensive. A DIY kit will give your iPhone 7 a glowing Apple logo on the back that just goes perfectly with the black iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.



TheUnlockr offers the iPhone lightning kit at $30 for the iPhone 7 and $33 for iPhone 7 Plus.

If you want to get the glowy iPhone logo, by all means, do it but remember that TheUnlockr warns you that doing the procedure will void your warranty, so Apple won’t be repairing your phone if you break it. It will also remove the iPhone 7’s water resistance, but it will be able to handle a little splash once in a while. The battery life, however, will not be affected by the procedure.

Whether getting a logo is worth all that or not, you will have to decide it for yourself, but the video below shows how you can do it with the TheUnlockr DIY kit that comes with every tool you may require: