Here Are 10 Ways You Can Use Your Old Kitchen Utensils For Decor

Do you have old kitchen utensils that are resting in your kitchen cabinets for so long? Planning to throw them away or are you just going to let them sit there? Check out our guide to make use of the kitchen utensils for décor.

A teapot can be used as a flower vase.

Pasta strainer for wall lighting.

An old ladle can be used as a candle holder.

Teacups can be transformed into matching flower vases.

Cut-off wine bottles can be used as lighting piece.

You can use a cutting board as a tablet holder to check out recipes in the kitchen.

Turn old flatware into a chandelier.

Rolling pins can be used as wall knobs.

Silverware can turn into great wall hooks.

Wine corks are great as tiny flower vases.

Now you don’t need to curse those poor old pots anymore!